School Curriculum

The purpose of this Guide is to give our school family and potential enrollees a general overview of our curriculum. For answers to specific questions, contact an individual teacher or school administration if your question is not specific to any one teacher.

Our school wide goal is that students will:

  • Act in accordance with Gospel values in the Catholic tradition.
  • Show respect for all of God’s diverse creation.
  • Interact appropriately with members of the community.
  • Exhibit self-discipline and responsibility.
  • Express a love of learning and excitement about life’s possibilities.
  • Use effective strategies to analyze and solve problems.
    Demonstrate the abilities to gather, synthesize and communicate information, ideas and emotions.
  • Apply organizational skills and study skills.
  • Exhibit competent technological skills.
  • Display leadership qualities.
  • Express and show an appreciation for creativity.

K-8th Grade Curriculum

Specialty Classes Curriculum